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WhatsMiner M53 Water-cooling Mining Hardware and Its Comprehensive Application Examples

After MicroBT released WhatsMiner M50 series at the Bitcoin2022, Miami on April 6th, M53 water-cooling mining hardware becomes a trending topic among the customers. Indeed, there are many advantages of WhatsMiner M53 including high security, only a few pipes in structure, high-temperature adaptability, overclocking space and so on, which can not only provide a better mining experience, but also support a large number of related comprehensive applications.
In order to help customers to have a better understanding of the WhatsMiner M53 and the system requirements of comprehensive applications, this article will combine relevant comprehensive application examples of Heat Core Energy Technology Limited (referred to as Heat Core, USA) to make a comprehensive sharing of the expansion of WhatsMiner water-cooling series products in different scenarios.

WhatsMiner M53 Specifications

It adopts a standard 2U structure design and is installed on a standard 19-inch liquid-cooled cabinet.
l Related technology usage requirements
1. Inlet water temperature control
1) Control requirements: constant control of inlet water temperature with control precision±2℃
2) Control range: 20℃~50℃ @ normal mode; 20℃ ~40 ℃ @ high performance mode
Remarks: If the liquid inlet temperature fluctuates greatly, the hashrate will be unstable. If the liquid inlet temperature is too high, the machine will work by reducing the frequency and hashrate.
2. Inlet Flow Control

1) Control requirements: constant control of influent flow with control precision±10%

2) Control range: flow rate of a single machine ≥ 10L/ min, 10L / min corresponds to the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water 10 ℃ @ normal mode, 1 4 ℃ @ high-performance mode

Note: If the liquid inlet flow fluctuates too much, the chip temperature will fluctuate too much, resulting in an unstable hashrate of the machine; if the flow rate is too low, the liquid outlet temperature will be too high, and the machine will work at the lower frequency and hashrate.
3. Server inlet water pressure control

1) Control range: ≤ 30 5kpa

Note: If the pressure is too high, the internal water system of the machine may be damaged, and the damaged machine is not guaranteed.
4. liquid media control

1) Primary liquid medium: primary deionized water: meet the requirements of national standard GB /T 6682-2008 primary deionized water;

2) Conductivity control range: ≤ 100 us/cm ;

3) PH control range: 6 ~ 8 ;

PH of the liquid medium exceeds the standard, the cold plate will be at risk of corrosion and blockage. The long-term operation will cause the machine to reduce the frequency and hashrate, and the damaged machine will not be guaranteed.
5. circulatory system
1) Pipeline: Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, it is recommended to use stainless steel
Remarks: Carbon steel pipe has a lot of welding slag, which is not easy to clean, and is easy to rust and corrode. The cold plate has the risk of corrosion and blockage. The long-term operation will cause the machine to reduce the frequency and hashrate, and the damaged machine is not guaranteed.

2) Filter: configure 2 70 mesh filters;

Remarks: If the filter mesh is too low, the large particles of impurities in the system cannot be filtered out, and the cold plate joint is at risk of blockage, which will cause the machine to reduce the frequency and hashrate, and the damaged machine will not be guaranteed.

3) of system components: ≥ 85 ° C ;

Note: If the temperature resistance of the cooling system components is lower than 85 ℃ , it is easy to cause damage to the system components or even leakage of the liquid medium, which will affect the normal operation of the machine.

4) Circulating pump: It is recommended to use one and prepare one to improve the reliability of the system ;

5) System pipeline pressure test and leak detection: It is recommended to use an air compressor for gas detection and use the soap bubble method to test the tightness of the welding joint;

Remarks: If water inspection is used in winter, the system equipment needs to be drained to prevent freezing, and equipment that is not easy to drain clean is at risk of freezing. The gas detection efficiency is high, and the tedious work of draining and antifreezing the system equipment is omitted during leak detection in winter;

6) Exhaust and drain valve: install automatic exhaust valve at a local high position and install drain valve at a local low position. In addition, it is recommended to install manual exhaust valves in multiple places in the system, which can improve the efficiency of the first injection of the system ;

7) other:

To prevent the system pressure from being too high, the system needs to be equipped with a 3.5bar safety relief valve;

Remarks: Please ensure that the pressure relief valve has been adjusted before running, otherwise, the water inlet pressure of the machine is more than 530 kpa, and the damaged machine will not be guaranteed ;
To prevent system pressure fluctuations, the system is equipped with a constant pressure expansion tank;

Remarks: Please ensure that the pressure value of the expansion tank has been adjusted before the operation, otherwise the constant pressure expansion tank will not work, which will easily cause the water inlet pressure of the machine to >305kpa , and the damaged machine will not be guaranteed ;

Before the cabinet is connected to the cooling system, use deionized water to clean and filter the system pipeline to remove impurities such as dust and welding slag; prevent impurities from blocking the inlet and outlet water joints of the machine;

Remarks: Impurities block the water inlet and outlet joints of the machine, resulting in too little water flow to the machine, which in turn reduces the frequency and hashrate of the machine. The damaged machine is not guaranteed.

The circulatory system is recommended to be equipped with an ultraviolet lamp sterilization device to prevent the liquid from breeding bacteria and the system's heat dissipation capacity to be attenuated.


Comprehensive application scheme of comprehensive energy hashrate system
1.System Overview

As the strategic partner of WhatsMiner water-cooling mining hardware Heat Core was publicly unveiled at the Bitcoin2022 conference.

The comprehensive energy hashrate system consists of three parts: hashrate boiler, intelligent control system (Smart Control System, SCS) and comprehensive application system (heat utilization or cooling system). Using water cooling technology, the heat of the chip is quickly taken away, and the heat is comprehensively applied to different scenarios through a circulating pump and a heat exchange system.

The hashrate boiler consists of water-cooling mining hardware, a cabinet, a power distribution unit, a network unit, and a water distribution unit. It is both a boiler with a thermal efficiency of 95% and modular water-cooled mining hardware and mining facilities.

2. Heat comprehensive utilization scheme

Introduction of related achievements in a comprehensive application
Heat Core has been committed to the research and development and application of water-cooling mining systems for more than 3 years. In 2019, it has realized the heating application of water-cooling mining hardware in frigid countries like Nepal. Combined with comprehensive application field operation data, Heat Core constantly enriches its own experience and updates the iterative water-cooling mining system.

Heat Core continues to explore the comprehensive energy hashrate system, and continues to cultivate in industries such as greenhouse heating, agricultural and animal husbandry heating, industrial heating, and the reuse of stranded gas wells (torch gas), and is committed to creating zero-carbon hashrate and realizing the mining industry. socially and environmentally friendly.

1. Residential Heating Applications


The traditional methods of home heating are mainly natural gas boilers and electric boilers. Heat Core installs H series hashrate boilers at home, connects the original cold water pipes and hot water pipes, and connects to the network and power supply to run. The extremely quiet and flexible installation method is very suitable for home use. The heat generated by the water-cooling mining hadrware can be used for home heating, domestic hot water, heated swimming pools, etc., to meet the domestic heat demand and continuous Bitcoin income.

2. Distributed heating applications

Heat Core utilizes the N series and R series, with a total heating load of 12MW, to provide heating, domestic hot water and swimming pool hot water for a commercial complex with a comprehensive area of 130,000 square meters. The system adopts a silent design, which will not trouble the merchants with noise, and adopts an intelligent control system to realize the intelligent management of mining.

3. Central heating applications

Traditional coal boilers have low combustion efficiency and large carbon emissions, and Heat Core used a 7000kW hashrate boiler to replace the traditional coal boiler, heating 75,000m² of industrial and civil buildings in the city. The heating water temperature is 60 ℃, which can meet the heating needs of users, and save about 930 tons of coal per month.

4. Agricultural breeding application

Sunfish fry hatching requires a constant temperature environment of 25~28°C. HeatCore uses a 200kW hashrate boiler for fry farming. Combined with the SCS control system, it maintains the constant temperature of the hatching pond and improves the hatching survival rate of fry. The breeding scale reaches 3.5 million fish per month. The comprehensive application of water-cooling mining to the aquaculture industry can reduce the investment return period to less than 6 months.

About Heat Core:

Solution provider Heat Core is a system operator and technical service provider of an integrated energy system, providing operation promotion and system solutions for water-cooling hardware and integrated thermal energy applications. The related application solutions are also presented at Bitcoin 2022 event simultaneously.

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