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Contact After-sales Person

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Please follow the steps below:
1. Contact Whatsminer to specify problems;
2. Send out the product after receiving confirmation from WhatsMiner's technician;
3. Create a work ID on the website;

Telegram 1:Whatsminer_Aftersales
Telegram 2:whatsminercici (Parts sales)
Wechat 1:microbt_service
Wechat 2:whatsminer_service
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1. M3x, M5x series support: Power Fast Boot, High Performance Mode (Requirement: ambient temperature -5℃~28℃, AC voltage 230V~240V);
2. M2x, M3x, M5x series fans operate at full speed: 7000~7500RPM, Max power consumption of one fan: 108w, Maximum air volume of server fans: 350CFM;
3. Power cord specifications: 3*1.5mm², 3*2mm², 16A;
4. Required ambient temperature:-5℃~35℃ (When the altitude is ≥2000m, the maximum operating temperature decreases by 1℃ for every 300m higher than the altitude);
5. Recommended AC voltage: 220V~240V (Note: too low or too high AC voltage will damage the PSU);
6. Recommended ambient humidity: 20%~80%;
7. Recommended dust concentration: <0.5mg/m³

1. Before the server is powered on, make sure that the air in the pipe is empty and the system is free of leakage;
2. Server water inlet temperature range: @normal mode:20℃~50℃; @high mode:20℃~40℃;
3. Water flow of a single server is required: ≥10L/min (Requirements for inlet and outlet water temperature difference: @normal mode:10℃, @high-performance mode:14℃ );
4. Server water inlet pressure standard: ≤300kpa (If the pressure is too high, the cold plate will have the risk of deformation, and the damaged server will be out of warranty);
5. PH value of liquid medium required: 6~8;
6. Required conductivity of liquid medium: ≤100us/cm;
7. Three-phase electrical wiring mode: red-black-blue grounding wire, yellow-green grounding wire;

Please note that the following are not covered by our product warranty:
1. Products that have been damaged due to failure to install the product in accordance with the specifications, arbitrarily loading and unloading, pulling, picking, lifting, or smashing the product, resulting in parts detachment, unstable link, circuit board open circuit, etc.;
2. Products that are not normally put on the shelves due to improper operation, including but not limited to products that are damaged due to reverse plugging, less plugging, or no plugging;
3. Unauthorized disassembly, modification, or repair of damaged products without the written, or re-assembly with mixing or electronic authorization of Party A;
4. Products that use unofficially designated accessories that cause insufficient computing power or are damaged due to mismatching, including but not limited to power supplies, control boards, fans, cables, etc.;
5. Products that use unofficial supporting software, which leads to poor computing power, abnormal computing power, jams, and burn-in;
6. Products whose operating parameters (such as overclocking) are modified by oneself, resulting in shortened product life or direct damage;
7. Failure to follow the specification to describe the damage caused by the regular use of electricity, network, and environment, including but not limited to a humid environment, corrosive environment, ultra-high temperature environment, dust particles, abnormal voltage and current (surge, shock, instability), etc.;
8. Products whose serial numbers have been maliciously modified, defaced, or deliberately removed;
9. Damage caused by natural disasters, including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, rainstorms, and sandstorms.

If the work order is correctly created, the return time is as follows:
Warranty machine: after-sales delivery time is generally from the system to confirm the date of receipt of goods within 7 working days, specific to the actual maintenance progress shall prevail, such as large quantities or machine maintenance time will be extended by the actual situation;
Warranty machine: after-sales delivery time is generally 7 working days after the payment voucher sent to customer service.

Telegram 1:Whatsminer_Aftersales
Telegram 2:whatsminercici (Parts sales)
Wechat 1:microbt_service
Wechat 2:whatsminer_service
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