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World Mining Forum in Xiaman--WhatsMiner Defines Industry with 3X Standards to Accelerate Industry Globalization

Thanks to the opportunity of the 2020 China Retailers Conference in Xiamen, the focus of China's blockchain industry in the second half of 2020 will be on Xiamen. The "3rd China (Xiamen) International Blockchain + Business Future Development Summit" branch "World Mining Conference-Xiamen Station" co-organized by ChainNews and Winkrypto, and co-organized by WhatsMiner (MicroBT), F2Pool and Poolin, etc. It was successfully held in Xiamen on September 18(Beijing time).

WhatsMiner (MicroBT), as a top-level blockchain industry chip design, R&D and manufacturing high-tech company, was also invited to attend the private meeting of government-enterprise docking held by the Fujian Blockchain Association. WhatsMiner gathered with industry partners and investors in Xiamen to share industry developments and new trends.

The concept of wet season is a well-known concept in China and even in the field of Chinese customers. What is the difference this year? In the panel discussion on “the change of wet season to the dry season, how does mining power migrate", WhatsMiner Marketing Director Wang Xin pointed out that the superposition of the wet season this year means that the logic of mining has changed a lot. With changes in the entire logic of mining, overseas and global resources have become a trend. From the overall statistics, more and more overseas investors are moving counter-cyclically. In the future, the global layout will set sail from the wet period and develop in the dry season, bringing greater vitality to the development of the entire industry.

At the closed-door meeting of government-enterprise docking, WhatsMiner Marketing Director Wang Xin shared the trend and development of digital mining, and together with the blockchain companies in Fujian Province to China, discussed the government and enterprises with the Fujian Provincial Blockchain Association. Blockchain cooperation and feasible landing application solutions.
The M30 series products launched by WhatsMiner in April this year have introduced new industry 3X standards, namely low power ratio, high stability and one-year warranty, and have received good feedback from the market. Facing the situation of industry resources facing globalization, WhatsMiner is willing to uphold the concept of "perfection, win-win, and integrity", and is committed to providing high-quality services and highly competitive products to customers at home and abroad, accelerating the globalization of mining, and The industry brings new opportunities and development.

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