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WhatsMiner's First Show with the M30 Series at the World Industry Forum in Chengdu

From May 28th to May 29th, WhatsMiner held the forum with Winkrypto, F2Pool and other partners in the industry in Chengdu, which is the first appearance of WhatsMiner after the Global Online M30 Launch Event due to the epidemic this year. Discussing about the halving and the wet season, WhatsMiner was glad to face to face with customers, share the win-win plan and look forward to the future development.

After the halving, the refined operations of machines have been given the new meaning. Vincent Zhang, the sales director of WhatsMiner, pointed out at the panel with the theme of “A New Era of Industry Machine Operations” that the industry can be said to have evolved from a unicorn manufacturer to many a competitors and to one or two leading manufacturers gradually.

In the following speech, talking about the new situation of the industry in the next four years, Zhang believes that two or three companies will occupy 80% or 90% of the share. The difference among the leading companies will not be large, but the gap will become smaller and smaller. The power consumption ratio of mainstream machines may enter the 2X era.

In the case of a large hashrate base, low machine capacity, and insufficient capacity of advanced process capacity, the growth rate of hashrate difficulty will slow down and may continue into the four-year cycle. After halving, the current cycle has been lengthened, and industry profits need to be distributed reasonably.

WhatsMiner has been treated as the best choice for current in the new situation. From the first-generation M3, the second-generation M10, to the third-generation M20 and the latest M30 series, WhatsMiner has always been the leading position in the industry in terms of cost performance and stability. In 2019, WhatsMiner M20 series was well known by the machines especially for the good performance. The cumulative repair rate of M21S is as low as 2.12%, and the cumulative repair rate of M20S is only 1.35%.

In 2020, WhatsMiner will continue to be committed to the perfection pursuit of research and development and quality, uphold the concept of standardized operation and professional operation, provide high-quality products and better services, and realize the goal of 3X win-win strategy.

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