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WhatsMiner Shined on the Stage of Mining Disrupt Conference

The Mining Disrupt Conference (MDC) was successfully held in Miami, USA on July 24th(UTC-5). Adhering to “Craftsmanship, Win-Win and Integrity” as the core philosopy, WhatsMiner stood out at the meeting. Along with F2 pooling, DJMineralization, Rawpooling, pangolin and many other partners, WhatsMiner appeared in the audience and showed the latest SHA256 mining machine M20S, which won the high recognition of the attendees with outstanding performance.

At the panel about "The Future Development of Mining", Vincent Zhang, the Sales Director of WhatsMiner pointed out that SHA256 miners account for about 75% of the whole global mining market, which is the best technology-driven market in POW. The rise of cryptocurrencies price leads to the strong demand for miners currently, and WhatsMiner M20s with 68T high hashrate and 48W/T low power ratio leads the new generation of mining market.
WhatsMiner won high praise in the global prototype test, and for customers who are concerned about the delivery time, will not let them down. For the choice of product direction, WhatsMiner will focus on the SHA256 mining machine field, while maintaining a leading position in the field of technology. For cooperation in other areas, WhatsMiner adheres to the principle of "rather than abuse", actively and fully discuss with the partners, and dig out the best solution before it will be launched.

The world's well-known mining manufacturers, mining pools, cloud mining and other related service providers gathered to discuss the future of the mining industry at this conference. In the discussion of the company's advantages, technological development, experience summary, tariff impact and open source and other areas, after three years of development, WhatsMiner shows a mature operation model and great potential for development. Thus it can be seen that WhatsMiner is very likely to become the market leader in the development of this year.

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