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WhatsMiner New Models of M50S++, M53S++ and M56S++ Will be Released Online Soon

Dear beloved fans of WhatsMiner, as you might already know, MicroBT launched WhatsMiner's new models of WhatsMiner M50S++, M53S++, and M56S++ on 18th May in Miami (Click here for the info).

Now, MicroBT is releasing some stocks on the online shop for those who are really into WhatsMiner products to thank you for your continued support.,

The new models of M50S++, M53S++, and M56S++ will be available for purchase on the only WhatsMiner official website at 9 am July 11, 2023 (UTC-5) with limited units in stock.

For those who are passionate about WhatsMiner's new models, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the first group in the world to own WhatsMiner latest mining rigs.

Here is the purchase procedure for your information.

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