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WhatsMiner M63S Review by Heat Core

On October 24, 2023, during the Blockchain Life 2023 event in Dubai, MicroBT unveiled their revolutionary ASIC mining products, the WhatsMiner M60 Series. The M60 series was announced in a total of three models: hydro, immersion, and air-cooling. Among them, the WhatsMiner M63S stands out with an impressive hashrate from 390TH/s to 360TH/s and the energy efficiency can be decreased to 18.5 J/TH.
According to the speech by Dr. Yang, it shows the miner can operate stably even with the temperature increase. The table is shown below.

In this article, Heat Core team will present a comprehensive review of WhatsMiner’s hydro miner M63S.
The Specifications of Whatsminer M63S Received by Heat Core

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● Appearance of WhatsMiner M63S Received by Heat Core

1. Outside Package

The delivery package for the WhatsMiner M63S is designed to be concise and practical. The dimensions of the external packaging measure

800mm*580mm*170mm. The total weight, including the packaging materials, is 29 kg.

2. Inside Package
Inside the package, the miner is wrapped with white foam, which could provide comprehensive protection during transport and delivery.

1. Overview of the miner
The appearance of WhatsMiner M63S does not have any difference from the M53. The dimension of the miner is 625mm*482mm*85mm with handle, and the net weight is 24kg.

(Detail image of hot water outlet
4. The labels on the miner are shown as below.


(Image of label on the miner)

● Inside details

In this chapter, the Heat Core team delves into the inner workings of the WhatsMiner M63S. To begin, we'll provide an overview of what lies inside this intriguing box, offering a glimpse of the technical components and features awaiting discovery

(An overview of inside details of M63S)
The control board is well-designed shown below. All the critical electronic components are well-organized.

(Image of control board)
The mark below displays the essential specifications of the power supply unit. It is also manufactured by WhatsMiner, the model is Whatspower P564Y. It can operate under a wide voltage(380 ~ 480V) and frequency range(50~60Hz).

(Image of mark on PSU)
● Test data
After 5 hours of testing by the Heat Core team on WhatsMiner M63S they received, the hashrate power in normal mode as shown on WhatsMiner Tool is about 411Th/s, which is slightly higher than the official data 406Th/s. The Power ratio is about 18.44w/th. And there is a nearly 21% overclocking space, the power can reach up to 492T. The power ratio has a slight increase, reaching 19.55w/th. The total power reaches 9618 W. Since the miner we test is a high temperature miner, its output temperature can reach 70℃.

(Screenshot of hashrate power in normal mode )

(Screenshot of hashrate power in overclocking mode )
● Heat Core Hydro-cooling Mining System
1. Overview of Heat Core hydro-cooling system
Heat Core hydro-cooling system uses the latest water cooling technology. The warm water flows through the cold plate covering the surface of chips to take away the heat from chips.

The whole system consists of three parts, including the cabinet, smart control system(CDU) and cooling devices(dry cooler). The specific parts are shown in the picture below. The system also can be connected with a heat exchanger, without a dry cooler, to provide heat for various heating scenarios.
Heat Core is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for heating projects, making it a one-stop destination for your needs. If you have any inquiries or require further information about our system, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to assist you.

(A typical 1MW hydro cooling system layout diagram)
2. Installation of Heat Core Hydro-cooling System
Heat Core's hydro-cooling system is designed with a modular approach, and all components come pre-installed within the racks. As a result, the installation process is remarkably straightforward, with components easily connecting to one another. The images below provide a visual demonstration of how this system works, emphasizing its user-friendly design and simplicity of installation.

(The real system connection diagram -front view)

(The real system connection diagram -rear view)
The blue pipe on the above image stands for cold water inlet and the red pipe for hot water outlet.

(Miner in Cabinet -Front view)

(Miner in Cabinet -Rear view)

Every miner’s connection uses a quick auto-closed connector, hot plug without any water leakage, and for the main pipes the clamps are used. All the pipe and dry cooler uses 304L food-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust.
Heat Core's hydro-cooling system is designed to be a true plug-and-play solution. Upon arrival at the installation site, all that's required for operation is the simple process of connecting the necessary pipes, electricity, networks, and filling the water. Notably, this system operates as a closed-loop system, ensuring that there is zero water consumption during its operation, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
3. Control Function Introduction

To ensure a stable and suitable water temperature flow through the miners, the whole system is automatically controlled by the smart control system, which is equipped with a monitor screen on the front cabinet. The inlet and outlet water temperature as shown on the screen is 36.6°C and 47.2°C respectively.
In the system, there is also a water fill tank, which can be auto refilled and the bubble is auto removed by the smart control system. The water leakage is also auto detected by the system.

(Screenshot on Heat Core smart control system)
4. Leading Features
The Heat Core hydro cooling system has the following key features.
a) high output temperature
The maximum output temperature can reach 70℃, it is much higher than the ambient temperature, and very suitable for operating at high ambient temperature and high humidity areas.
b) Zero water consumption
Due to the high operation temperature, it can use the closed loop system to save the water.
c) high power density
1 hydro miner = 3 air cooling miner, which not only saves space but also reduces manpower. The maximum power of each cabinet can be up to 200kW.
d) Lower noise
The hydro cooling miner is extremely quiet. The hydro cooling system is equipped with a variable frequency pump and an EC speed-adjustable fan to make the overall system quieter.
5. Heat Utilization
The Heat Core hydro-cooling system is a versatile solution that serves dual purposes. It not only functions as a high-performance miner, generating impressive hashrates but also doubles as an efficient electrical boiler with a thermal efficiency exceeding 95%. This unique combination of functions makes it a powerful and environmentally conscious choice for various applications, such as building heating, flare gas utilization, fish farming and greenhouse, etc.
Whatsmore, Heat Core team has recently achieved a groundbreaking technological advancement by seamlessly integrating a hydro cooling system with seawater desalination. This revolutionary approach harnesses the heat generated by the hydro miner to reduce pressure and evaporate seawater at 70℃, producing fresh water with remarkable efficiency.
This technology opens new horizons for solving water scarcity issues in arid regions, especially deserts. With the inclusion of a desalination machine, this innovative system offers not only the potential for significant revenue from Bitcoin mining but also the added benefit of generating fresh water. Through this dual functionality, Bitcoin mining is not just a source of income but a catalyst for enhancing people's livelihoods and addressing pressing global challenges related to water resources.

(The system diagram of seawater desalination system )
● Summary

The Full-custom design concepts applied to the chip design by Dr Yang make the miner more stable, robust, and the higher overclocking potential. Equipped with MicroBT's new generation of customized chips and higher conversion efficiency P564Y power supply, WhatsMiner 63S has higher power density, higher Hashrate and lower power ratio in a single machine. Combined with the Heat Core deeply customized hydro cooling system, the machine can gain additional hashrate and be more stable. The remote smart control system allows miners to monitor the operating status in real-time.
According to the above analysis and review, WhatsMiner M63S well matches with the Heat Core hydro cooling system. With the Heat Core’s high efficiency ‘mining boiler’, it can achieve green and zero carbon emission mining. Let’s explore more!

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