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WhatsMiner M20 Series Won Annual Hardware Award in the New Era Mining Industry Summit

The New Era Industry Summit organised by Poolin was held in Chengdu, China from September 21st to 23rd Beijing time. As a leader in blockchain and high-performance server, WhatsMiner won the “Annual Hardware Award” for well received in many aspects such as technology and service. WhatsMiner founder Dr. Yang Zuoxing, as the pioneer of full custom chip design methodology won the “Annual Person Award”.

Dr. Yang delivered a keynote speech in the summit, shared the trends and views of increasing hashrate in the future, and answered the technical breakthroughs and recent related WhatsMiner issues.
Here are the key points of Dr. Yang’s speech:

Blockchain computing server is expected to be served up to 4.5 years

What customers most concerned are power consumption and cost. The speed of industry change has begun to slow down from the the beginning of S9. In the future, it is estimated that the power consumption of each generation of blockchain computing servers will be reduced by 10%-20%. The era of half-generation of blockchain computing servers in each generation is gone and the current process has been improved by 5%-10%, and design optimisation has been increased by 5-10%.

The industry is about to enter a new era. It will not be eliminated in a few months like the previous generation of blockchain computing servers. It is possible to continue to serve for three or five years. The blockchain computing server costs for each generation is reduced by 10-20%, and the power consumption of the blockchain computing server can be optimised.

Some blockchain computing servers do a good job of power consumption, but the cost is much higher, so it is not cost-effective in today’s era; the power consumption higher and the cost lower can be produced, but the cost of the whole machine will not come down; therefore, only when the amount of cost reduction is equal to the amount of power reduction, it can be called in a good situation, which means there couldn’t be any short boards.

Regarding the increasing hashrate, in the long run, it doesn’t matter how much hashrate is. In the short term, according to the information currently collected and the current industry capacity, it will be estimated to be around 120E this year. The blockchain computing server is expected to served up to 4.5 years, and the new blockchain computing server’s electricity fee revenue ratio is 20-30%, which is a good state, and the new blockchain computing server power consumption is reduced by 15%/9 months. In the future, the mobile container blockchain computing server may account for about half, and the service period of the blockchain computing server will become longer.

Water-cooled, liquid-cooled blockchain computing servers will become mainstream in about 5 years

There is also a trend that the water-cooled, liquid-cooled blockchain computing server will become mainstream in about 5 years, which will probably account for 80%
, because this server has good conditions, like no wind, no dust, and working conditions are very good, so working period will be longer and there will also be no special noise. The overall maintenance cost is particularly low, and it is more suitable for places where overseas labor is more expensive.
In the future, blockchain computing server manufacturers may not sell blockchain computing servers but sell hash boards. They will gradually standardise hash boards, power supplies and mining farm, which is an inevitable trend. In addition, it will cause trouble to buy only a few blockchain computing servers, so the better choice is to put the blockchain computing server or the hash board at the mining farm or in the mining container.
About recent delayed delivery
Regarding WhatsMiner’s problems recently, for one is to apologise to every WhatsMiner user, and the current problems may not be alleviated until late October. The entire supply chains should have first supply, second supply, and third supply. However, there is only one wafer supply for WhatsMiner this year.
At present, due to the rapid development of 5G, it has caused a large delay, but WhatsMiner is try its best to desperately compress its own time and hope to catch up in the middle and late October. Thanks for the understanding. For another, the current shipment has sent more than 100,000 units, will be around 200,000 units at the end of the month in total.
About yield and technological breakthroughs
The yield rate is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. WhatsMiner cooperates with Samsung to research the technology currently and each manufacturer has its own process characteristics, but the design and adaptation aspects of WhatsMiner are better and more innovative.
The reason why the advanced technology has a low yield rate is that the distance between each tube is very small, and many parameters will be generated. The changes in the production process will cause great changes in performance, from one to two hundred M to one or two G, Leakage from 100 mA to a few amps. In the blockchain calculation server, it is connected in series, which is 30 layers.
People all know that the serial system has a big problem which is the more the string, the worse the reliability. The current common practice will cause the product and the yield is not high. However, WhatsMiner’s chip yield is very high, 99.5%, the single-board straight-through rate is 99.5%, the initial test straight-through rate is 95%, and the whole machine yield is 99.9%.

During the conference, WhatsMiner team brought the latest products WhatsMiner M20S and M21S to the booth, which attracted nearly a thousand visitors attended to the booth with its superior performance.
WhatsMiner is grateful to the recognition of many industry practitioners and investors, and will continue to uphold the spirit of “Craftsmanship, Win-win and Integrity” to provide more satisfactory products and services to customers in the near future.

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