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WhatsMiner M20 Release Conference Was Held Ceremoniously

MicroBT M20 Release Conference was held in Chengdu on May 19th with the theme Extremely Craftsmanship and Win-win, Success Again. More than 500 people came from all over the world including industry celebrities, professional machine dealers and guests make all seats occupied,witness the successful release of WhatsMiner M20.

Dr.Yang Zuoxing, the founder and CEO of MicroBT, announced the launch of the new WhatsMiner M20 series. Especially the new generation hashrate king M20S with the high hashrate 68TH/s and low power ratio 48W/T become the industry benchmark again. From M1 to M3 to M10, MicroBT always pursues the extremely profession in cost performance and stability. M20 series is adhering to the core design concept of MicroBT WhatsMiner, once again shows the amazing results of full customization design.

Dr.Yang Zuoxing introduced 5 mining machines of WhatsMiner M20 series in detail. With actual testing on the conference, WhatsMiner M20s showed an amazing data: 69.6TH/S and 48.2W/T.

Dr.Yang Zuoxing said the reason why WhatsMiner had high cost performance ratio was inseparable from the following key points. First of all, MicroBT is the pioneer and leader of the full custom methodology, we always pursued the extreme in technology. Second, MicroBT can not success without strong support of partners, especially the cooperative development, production capacity, price and other aspects of the core suppliers , these are all the core driving force for the rapid development of MicroBT.

Except published the the data of M20S, Dr. Yang Zuoxing also pointed out that machines would develop in the direction of liquid cooling in the future, MicroBT would also research and develop faster return and more power saving machines, bring benefit to customers and achieve win-win. Based on the trend of Digital assets price at present, Dr. Yang Zuoxing said costs were like investing in 6 times PE stocks compared to currency prices. It's a good time to enter the market right now.

Mr. Charles, general manager of Samsung Foundry China District, also invited to speak. Mr. Charles explained the process route of Samsung's 3nm and 5nm chips and the next generation of Samsung's SHA256 server chips. He also said that Samsung Foundry would hand in hand with MicroBT to create the future.

In the next round-table meeting with the topic create the feature, Zhang Lu, Managing Director of JRR, Wu Gang, co-founder of Bixin, Pan Zhibiao, founder of the Poolin, Ye Mao, CEO of CoinSummer , Yu Hong, Chairman and CEO of Gamewave , Yu Wei, the first person of SHA256 server and Cheng Nannan, Commercial Director of StarWin Capital participated in the discussion and discussed the future market trends in depth. They said mining was a great way to invest in Digital assets and they hope MicroBT would continue to pursue the ultimate spirit, reproduce its success and share a bright future with its partners and customers.

After round-table meeting,the Sales Director of MicroBT Mr. Zhang Wencheng started his speech with the theme New Era, New Starting Point,and New Journey. He said MicroBT would have broader forms of cooperation way. Through its technology and manufacturing capabilities, it can achieve cooperation in machine sales, custody service , and brand co-construction activities.

Mr. Zhang Wencheng also mentioned different sales plan of WhatsMiner and the price and delivery time of WhatsMiner M20 series. He explained the vantage of purchasing futures machines in details, emphasize that in industry customers should minimize uncertainty status and make investment easier to manage. At present, the price of WhatMiner was reasonable and the delivery time was clear (Note: WhatMiner M20 will be mass shipped from the end of August), cooperation with MicroBT would definitely produce a good ecosystem of mutual benefit.

The flash sales on MicroBT official website once pushed the atmosphere of conference to the highest point. 20 pcs WhatsMiner M20S was sold out in 34 seconds, with its real price made all guests felt full of sincerity. At the same time, it verified the stability of the new official website and a good sense of user experience.

In the subsequent market introduction, Mr. Wang Xin, the Marketing Manager of MicroBT, published the MicroBT official website (, prompting users to pay attention to distinguishing fake websites and preventing deception. Mr. Wang Xin also published the new logo of WhatsMiner which designed by the famous Russian designer. The new logo expressed the spirit of being positive, pursuing the extreme and achieving leap in the image of horse. WhatsMiner M20 series would be replaced with new logo, with the rushing to the world.

Judy Yan, the Managing Director of Danhua Capital host the next round-table meeting with the theme of global development. Coinmint Co-founder Prieur Leary、Core Scientific CTO Kristy-Leigh Minehan、Core Scientific SVP Michael、 F2Pool Co-Founder Wang Chun participated in discussion. They discussed the global trend of Digital assets, which brought many valuable suggestions for the overseas layout of the guests.


Just as the theme of the conference Extremely and Win-win, Success Again, MicroBT not only promotes the development of the market, but also maintain every customer, supplier and employee through the extreme pursuit of products and integrity. Facing the market opportunities to build a win-win development platform for all people. Step by step, from home to overseas, from past to future, the develop and growth of MicroBT witnessed by the market. MicroBT will continue to move forward in the spirit of Ingenious Research And Development, Success Can Be Seen. Also will continue to achieve successes one after another on the road of innovation and breakthroughs.

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