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WhatsMiner M10 for SHA256 Server- 65W/T

MicroBT is a company which produces machines in block chain industry with full name is Shenzhen Microbt Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

19th,Sept.,2018,WhatsMiner M10 was released in Hilton located in wanghai road,nanshan district,shenzhen.

MicroBT was founded in July,2018. The main business is the research and development, production and sales of ASIC chips and products/solutions in the areas of block chain, artificial intelligence, etc., and provides corresponding system solutions and technical services. At this stage, the main products are block chain servers and application-specific integrated circuit chips. The self-developed chips have significantly improved computing performance and reduced system cost compared to the GPU solutions and FPGA solutions previously used in the industry which has a competitive advantage in block chain computing field.

WhatsMiner M10 official parameter:

Hash rate:30.0- 33.5 TH/s @ SHA256
Power:2000W – 2300W
Clip :315pcs
Temperature control:fan*2
Working temperature:-5℃-40℃
Power supply equipment:3200W (220V)
Warranty period:180 天
Net weight:8.55 kg


The outer box is industrial carton packing almost the same as M10 and the evaluation machine is the engineering prototype.Net weight is 9.6KG.

The protective layer inside the box is wrapped by dust-proof and waterproof bag and added with pearl cotton board to enhance the shock absorption effect. The pearl cotton board is customized fits the main body , and there is a power supply cable which is national standard 300/500V 3 core*1.5mm diameter, obviously thicker than the common 3*0.75 national standard cable.


▼Integrated and aluminum alloy precision die casting design for the outer provide strong protection for the hash board. You can also improve heat dissipation with machine’s outer body.

▼Nameplate:The power supply comes with the machine.The whole machine is very simple,only the power supply cables for fan is exposed.

▼Connection port(Air inlet)


▼Air outlet

▼Power supply model is P10,rated power 2250W, 12.5V*180A DC output, while providing 12V DC output, with two 6.4A fans for heat dissipation.

▼There are power supply interface,ether-net interface, running status indicator, system reset button, IP address reporting button, TF card slot and network card MAC address on the connection input.

▼The connection between power supply and machine hash board does not use the traditional PCI-E6pin interface, but uses copper terminal connection.It makes the contact area increased, the connection is tighter, it can withstand greater current load, the resistance is low, and the loss is reduced accordingly.

▼Embedded systems is used on the control panel, and software is CGMiner which is familiar for most users.

▼After disassembling, we can see the details of the aluminum alloy fins used in the hash board. Each arm of the hash board is distributed with heat sinks on both sides. The front side is made of 3M thermal grease, and the back is made of silicone grease and reinforced with spring screws.

▼The hash board uses a series power supply design. Each machine has three hash boards built in. Each hash board has 105 chips, which consists of 315 chips to provide 34TH/s SHA256 hash rate.

▼The machine disassembled picture (users are not recommended to disassemble the machine by themselves, and the dismantled machine does not provide warranty)

2.Installation and commissioning

It is easy to connect and install the hardware of machine. Just plug in the power cable and the network cable then you can SHA256 server.

(1).Search IP address

The machine defaults DHCP automatically assigns IP address. After connecting the power supply cable and internet cable, you can find the IP address currently assigned through the MAC address in the router or IP network segment scanner, also you can refer to this post "IP related information" to find the machine IP address.

(2).Open the website

Enter IP address,turn into the login in page, enter default user name:root and password root to turn into first page.

(3).Change mining pool IP address and miners’name

Click the menu“Configuration/CGMiner Configuration" on the top of the page,turn into the software setting to modify items as follow:

Modify”Pool 1”main pool address
Modify”Pool 1 worker”miners’name (check pool help manual)
Modify”Pool 1 password”miners’password (arbitrary letter and number)
Spare pool ”Pool 2”and ”Pool 3”does not need to modify.

(4).Modify IP address(suitable for large amount of the machine management)

Click the menu“Configuration/CGMiner Configuration" on the top of the page,turn into the software setting page,click “Edit”to set up the address as fixed IP. Then click "Status/CGMiner Status" go back to the first page.

The current version of CGMiner does not support Chinese, so we have translated the interface simply :

▼CGMiner menu bar

▼Indicators on home page

3.Project testing

▼The temperature of the test room was about 25 degrees and noise level was about 45 decibels. The fan run at full speed after the power was turned on. The noise level was about 92 decibels and the standby power was 17W.

▼After the network cable plugging in, the machine chip started to work. The indicators included the hash rate, temperature, fan speed and noise of the machine will rise. About ten minutes later, the parameters was reached a constant value.

According to our record, the overall power consumption of the machine is constant between 2200-2205W, and the fluctuation is not large. The noise level fluctuated slightly between 90 and 94 decibels, air outlet was reached 94 decibels. Due to the difference of the test points, the average temperature of the air inlet was 26 degrees, the average temperature in the middle of the machine shell was 48 degrees, and the average temperature of the air outlet was 58 degrees. The heat dissipation performance was still outstanding. The wind speed at the outlet was17.3 m / s.


▼After 24 hours testing,the hash curve was stable and fluctuations was small. Average hash rate was 34.2T in 24 hours.

▼The machine control software showed that the parameters were also very stable.


(1). Power supply and the hash board use the integral connection method of the tablet, which reduces the line loss and can withstand the load of higher power and also accelerates the efficiency of the machine.

(2). The overall average hash is 34T, the power consumption is 2200W, and the integrated unit hash power ratio is 65W/T. It can be the best one in current market.

(3). The 180-day warranty is provided for the whole machine.

(4). After the testing, we summed up one word “stable”. The machine has been running stably during the test, and there are no faults and problems. The hash rate is stable, the power is stable, and the temperature is constant.


(1).Because the power of the whole machine has exceeded 2200W, so the ordinary socket of 10A is not recommended to use , you may use the 16A socket.

(2).When the power is turned off, the fans will be turned off together and cannot dissipate heat. The temperature inside the machine is still high. It is recommended to unplug the network cable before shutting down, let the chip stop running, wait for the fan to continue running for about 2 minutes, and then pull off the power supply cable when the air outlet temperature is near room temperature.

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