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WhatsMiner D1 accepting reservations

As our vice general manager Mr. Zhang said on 14th,Oct.,2018 Chengdu submit meeting,our belief is Success is visible,never break a promise,now we did it!


Birth history of WhatsMiner D1
Jun.,2018 --Started research and development of clips;
Sept.,2018--Chips tape-out;
Nov.,2018--Chips tape-out successfully and arrived in Shenzhen;
9th,Nov.,2018--After 28.5 hours, the first WhatsMiner D1 was born.

We create the machine as we propagated before,the parameter of WhatsMiner D1 IS 44T and 55W/T.

We researched and developed mining machine with the belief Beyond the Dream Success is visible,now we make it.
Let’s see the whole process and parameter of WhatsMiner D1

1. The chip arrived in Shenzhen and then the testing was started.

2. Chips passed the testing, and the product was started to be patched.

3. The PCB is waiting for the next process after finished the solder paste.

4. Attach the chip on the PCB through an automated device.

5. Check for missing solder joints.

6. The hash board was completed from reflow soldering equipment .

7. Assemble the heat sink.

8. After installing the chassis, the hash board, the fan, the control board, and the power supply in sequence, the WhatsMiner D1 was officially born.


Let’s see how we succeed

From the video we can know that the hash rate is 48.56T and the power is 2211W,the power ratio is 45.53W/T.It is amazing!

Some customers will worry about the quantity.If there are so many mining machines for people to buy,the hash rate will be increased so that the revenue difficulty will be increased.We will not do such unpleasant things.

So we will limit the D1 quantity in order to avoid increasing hash rate.

Please contact us or leave a message for us if you have any questions, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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