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WhatsMiner 101 | Understanding Liquid Cooling: Difference and Advantages

At present, liquid cooling technology is mainly divided into direct cold plate type (hydro cooling), single-phase immersion type (non-phase change oil cooling), and phase change immersion type (phase change oil cooling). MicroBT released the new ASIC miners WhatsMiner M53 series for hydro-cooling and WhatsMiner M56 series for single-phase immersion cooling. Kindly click here for more model specifications.
For the heat dissipation of mining machine chips, the current air-cooling mode faces some challenges that liquid cooling technology can solve


Since the liquid cooling medium has higher specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and density than the air cooling medium, the heat carrying capacity per unit volume of the liquid cooling medium and the convective heat transfer capacity have obvious advantages over the air cooling medium. Liquid cooling has gradually become a heat dissipation method for high power density heating devices. For the heat dissipation of mining machine chips, liquid cooling heat dissipation technology has the following advantages:

1. It can solve the heat dissipation of high-power-density chips, that is, the power density of the mining machine can be increased, the temperature difference between chips will be reduced, and the computing power per unit volume will be increased. Under the same computing power, the floor space occupied by liquid-cooled mining machines is more than 50% less than that of air-cooled mining machines;

2. Less noise. The liquid-cooled mining machine no longer needs a fan, and can run with low noise, saving energy and reducing noise;

3. Lower failure rate. Prevent air impurities from entering the mining machine, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life;

4. Unlimited site selection. High temperature and high humidity areas also dissipate heat, not subject to environmental constraints, and site selection is not limited;

The comprehensive comparison is shown in the following table:

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