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WhatsMiner 101 | Difference between Cooling Tower and Dry Cooler

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WhatsMiner liquid cooling mining machines need to be run with the CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) and the cooling source to cool the heat generated by mining machines. Last time we introduced the single loop and dual loop of liquid cooling(click here to check). Speaking of the heat dissipation of liquid cooling, there are two common cooling sources which are the cooling tower and the dry cooler.

About Cooling Tower (as above):

One of the heat exchange methods between water and air in the cooling tower is that the air flowing through the water surface is in direct contact with the water, and the heat in the water is transferred to the air through contact heat transfer and evaporation heat dissipation. This cooling method is called wet type Cooling tower “wet tower for short”.


The heat exchange efficiency of the wet cooling tower is high, and the limit temperature at which water is cooled is the wet bulb temperature of the air. However, water can be lost due to evaporation, and evaporation increases the salinity of the circulating cooling water. In order to stabilize the water quality, part of the water with higher salinity must be drained. The wind blowing will cause water loss and these water losses must be continuously replenished with enough new water. Therefore, the wet tower must have a water supply source. At the same time, in sandy and dusty areas, the circulating cooling water is also easy to get dirty, requiring frequent drainage and heavy maintenance work.

About Dry Cooler (as above):

The heat exchange between air and water in the dry cooler is through the heat transfer on the surface of the radiator composed of metal tubes, and the heat of the water in the tube is transferred to the air flowing outside the radiator. The heat exchange efficiency of the dry tower is lower than that of the wet tower, and the cooling limit temperature is the dry bulb temperature of the air. However, the maintenance of dry coolers is small, and in areas where water is scarce, it is difficult to replenish water, or in areas with sand and dust, only dry cooling towers (referred to as dry towers or air cooling towers) can be used.

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