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WhatsMiner 101 | Basic Introduction to How Liquid Cooling System Works

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Since the liquid cooling medium has higher specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and density than the air cooling medium, the heat carrying capacity and convective heat transfer capacity per unit volume of the liquid cooling medium have obvious advantages over the air cooling medium, so liquid cooling has gradually become a heat dissipation method of the high-power density heating solution. Last time, we introduced the differences and advantages of three kinds of liquid cooling. How does the liquid cooling system work?

WhatsMiner liquid cooling mining machines need to be run with CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) and the cooling source to cool the heat generated by mining machines. There are single loop and dual loop for the liquid cooling system. And, CDUs are selected according to different kinds of cooling sources, which depends on whether the heat dissipation is isolated or not.

Figure 1

For single loop as figure 1 above, the heat generated by WhatsMiner mining rigs is taken away by the fluid inside the machines and flows through the connected manifold and the CDU and then to the cooling source for heat dissipation. After cooling down, the main circulation pump boosts the coolant back to the CDU and manifold. The cooling source can be a dry cooler or a closed-circuit cooling tower., In this case, it's a closed loop.

Figure 2


Since heat can be collected by water or oil, it can be used for manufacturing and living. The utilization can be over 90% which means almost zero carbon emission. There are some heating utilization scenarios like space heating, steam for industry, fish hatchery, and so on, so the dual loop can be applied to the cooling system as figure 2 above.


The difference is that there is a heat exchanger in the CDU. One side is the outside loop of the cooling source, and the other side is the inner loop of the mining machine. For the inner loop, the coolant (highlighted in blue) is boosted by the pump of the inner loop of the CDU and then cools down the heat that is generated from the machine by the heat exchanger. For the outside loop, the heat generated from the inner loop by the heat exchanger can be used to the different heating utilization scenarios and then cool down the heat that is generated from the inner loop by the heat exchanger.

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