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Three Maintenance Tips for WhatsMiner Stable Running

MicroBT released the new standard of the 3XJ/T era in 2020 which is low power ratio, high stability and one-year warranty service when WhatMiner M30 series came out. From then on, stability became an essential factor for mining.
To ensure the stable running of WhatsMiner mining hardware, there are three mining tips you need to know.
The first is working voltage

All WhatsMiner air-cooling mining hardware apply alternating current from 220-240V. If the WhatsMiner air-cooling mining hardware runs below 220V, it will be unstable, and will have problems such as automatic restart, reporting error code 250 or 251, etc.. If it runs higher than 240V, the power supply is prone to damage. So it is important to adjust the working voltage to the right range. But if your voltage is higher than 240V and cannot be adjusted, you might have to contact the official team to order custom power supplies which can apply to 277V.
The second is working temperature
WhatsMiner that runs in the too high or too low temperature environment for a long time may lead to bad performance such as low hashrate or high power consumption, or even damage.
On the website, you can see such a description. This means that this power ratio can be achieved at 25℃ ( ± 5% ).

And also, we list the recommended range of the working temperature. For example, the working temperature of M50S is from minus 5℃ to 35℃,

You need to make sure your WhatsMiner runs within the temperature range above by checking the data on your WhatsMiner Tool-Env Temp part. That is crucial.
For better working temperature, here we have a suggestion which is doing cold and hot air isolation. It would be fine to keep each machine only 5-10 centimeters because the point is to avoid the hot air back flow. It means isolating the hot air generated by the fan at the air outlet of the machine and the fan of the power supply to the outside to prevent backflow.
Like this

The third is dust cleaning
Accumulation of dust inside for a long time will lead to poor heat dissipation, and may even cause a short circuit to burn the machine when exposed to water vapor.
If your working temperature is not too high but still has error code like 350, 351, 352 or 600, then you might have to check weather there are too much dust inside the machine.
We have the tutorial video before and you can also use the air gun instead of the brush.
Here we also offer you a fast way to deal with a batch of machines which is unscrewing the baffle screws of the front and rear fans, remove the entire fans and vacuum the dust inside.
For more operation and maintenance questions, kindly contact WhatsMiner after-sales team and we will help.

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