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The First Batch of 2000 WhatsMiner M30 Machines Purchased by Hut8 Was Delivered

MicroBT has delivered the first batch of 2000 pieces of WhatsMiner M31S and M31S+ purchased by Hut8.
Hut 8 Mining Corp., headquartered in Toronto, Canada is one of the largest cryptocurrency mining and blockchain infrastructure company and listed in Canada. Hut 8 closed a C$8.3 million funding round (US$6.1 million) on June 23, with the total raise being over C$800,000 above its target. Hut 8 purchased a mix of Whatsminer M30S, M31S, and M31S+ from MicroBT to upgrade an estimated 12.6MW with output of approximately 275 Petahash per second (“PH/s”). This upgrade will increase Hut 8’s maximum operating capacity by up to 200 PH/s. Hut 8 has been testing the MicroBT equipment for the past three months in preparation of this upgrade.

WhatsMiner M30 series was released globally in April this year. Adhering to the principles of "lower power ratio, higher stability, and one-year warranty" and the concept of "standardized operation and professional management", MicroBT is leading the industry into the 3X era. WhatsMiner M30 series with different models can meet the needs of customers to cope with market conditions such as halving and wet season. In the first half of 2020, under adverse circumstances such as the epidemic situation and market conditions, WhatsMiner M30 series, as more competitive products, is still favored by the majority of industry investors.
At present, a large number of M30 series products have been delivered overseas, including well-known blockchain and mining company such as Blockstream, DMG, etc., and WhatsMiner machines have been put on the shelves and operated well. WhatsMiner M30 series fully covered the top mining investment companies in North America in the industry, which is the significant improvement of internationalization.
WhatsMiner has always been in the leading position in the industry in terms of cost performance and stability. In the face of the demand for large-scale supply, MicroBT has not only been strong partnership with Samsung Foundry but also cooperated with the top suppliers. MicroBT ensures the production capacity and has the stable supply chain; therefore, all machines of M30 series have been delivered on time or in advance so far. MicroBT will continue to develop the more advanced products, provide customers with better products and services, and create more value for the industry.

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