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Staying power in Hydro-Cooling|The First WhatsMiner Hydro-cooling Show Will Land in the US

MicroBT released the WhatsMiner M53 in April, 2022 which is the hydro-cooling mining hardware and has attracted attention from many customers and investors.
Hydro-cooling is known as the next level of mining after air-cooling mining,which can not only mine but also provide heat to various heating scenarios including home, greenhouse, fish farm, and hotel for large scale. Hydro-cooling is shaping the mining future in a more environmental friendly and functional way. ( more application examples.)
Adhere to the theory of visible success, MicroBT will partner with HeatCore to provide integrated hydro-cooling mining and heating system. The WhatsMiner hydro-cooling show will be held at the Titan Energy Park, Bellefonte, PA, the US at 2pm on October 19, 2022(EST). Click here to signup or RSVP to MicroBT team now if you don’t want miss out the first offline WhatsMiner hydro-cooling show! Looking forward to meeting you there!
Click here to find the guide info of the event!

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