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Staying Power in 2XJ/T Era | MicroBT will release WhatsMiner M50 Series in the US on April 6th

As one of the top mining hardware manufacturers, MicroBT will release WhatsMiner M50 series on the mining stage of the Bitcoin 2022 event, Miami, USA at 12:30 pm on April 6th (UTC-5), which is the fifth generation of WhatsMiner.
Founded in 2016, MicroBT is well known for leading in chip design with advanced processes and producing the competitive mining hardware—WhatsMiner which includes M3, M10, M20, M30 series. Since WhatsMiner M50 series event is coming soon, are you ready to join this big event?

THREE reasons that you can’t miss the WhatsMiner M50 series event of MicroBT
1. About what MicroBT did after the M30 series release during the last two years

As the company behind WhatsMiner, MicroBT always has a low profile and focuses on producing bitcoin mining hardware. However, MicroBT keeps staying power and has been doing a lot of work to improve the products and the service. For customers and investors who’d like to know more about MicroBT, kindly join the M50 series event and you’ll know more.
2. About the types of M50 series and the trend of mining from the manufacturer’s perspective
It is said that water or liquid cooling would be the trend of mining hardware; therefore, the type of the M50 series will be a concern by most customers and investors.
3. About what’s the upgrading points to the M50 series on advanced process and the optimization by full-custom design

As every bitcoin miner knows, the advanced process determines the performance of the chip, which determines the two important parameters of the machine's power ratio and hashrate. From WhatsMiner M20 to M30 series, MicroBT used the 8nm process to finish the perfect chip design and make M20 and M30 series benefit bitcoin miners and stabilize the bitcoin network security. So what about the WhatsMiner M50 series this time?
MicroBT is committed to being in pursuit of perfection and presenting visible success to customers. With years of efforts, MicroBT keeps staying power and promoting the mining industry from the 4XJ/T era to the 3XJ/T era, now what is next?
Stay tuned for the WhatsMiner M50 Series Launch Event!
About the WhatsMiner M50 Series Launch Event:
Time: 12:30 pm April 6th (UTC-5)
Location: Mining Stage of Bitcoin 2022, Miami, FL, USA
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About Bitcoin 2022:

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