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Running for the Dream|MicroBT Helps to Take the Global Mining Industry to the Next Level

The 2021 New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit and the first WhatsMiner Marathon were successfully held in Chengdu, China on April 23-25. The MicroBT team invited industry runners to run for their dreams and participate in the marathon event. At the same time, the MicroBT team was also invited to attend the summit.

WhatsMiner Marathon Event
Although the WhatsMiner Marathon started early in the morning, it also attracted the participation of many running enthusiasts in the industry. The spirit of the marathon is persistence and never give up. MicroBT has been established for nearly five years. Although it has been facing challenges, it has gradually gained more and more recognition in the industry for its spirit of never giving up and hard work. MicroBT hopes to use this event to give more positive feedback, to accompany industry partners and customers all the way, with dreams in mind, and forge ahead.

MicroBT COO Chen Jianbing (the first left one) with Top three runners who won WhatsMiner mining rigs
At the New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit, MicroBT Marketing Director Wang Xin delivered the speech with the theme "Run for Dreams—MicroBT Helps to Be the Industry to the World". Major changes in the industry are happening in 2021. The development of the industry provides all participants with an opportunity to realize their dreams. MicroBT will always strive to provide the best products and best services to fully assist the development of the industry. In 2019, MicroBT proposed that mining machines need to have 3X standards in the 3X era to maintain a low power consumption ratio, high stability, and low failure rate, and for the first time in the industry to extend the warranty of mining machines to one year

MicroBT marketing director Wang Xin
At the panel named "The Bull is Unstoppable, Global Head Manufacturers Ride the Wind and Waves", MicroBT sales director Zhang Wencheng said that MicroBT has completed the transition from the survival stage to the development stage from 2018 to the present. When MicroBT is the most difficult time, 2019 is the beginning of the survival stage, which solves the basic survival problem. 2020 is the year for MicroBT to further develop and gain more market share. In the development process of MicroBT, some corresponding layouts and changes have been made. For example, in response to global customers' demand, MicroBT has established factories and after-sales centers out of China and made corresponding preparations and adjustments on the after-sales service and production. To provide better services to customers

MicroBT sales director Zhang Wencheng (the second left one)
2021 is destined to be a year of rapid development and tremendous changes in the industry. Facing the future, MicroBT will always adhere to perfection, win-win, and integrity, never forget the original aspiration, uphold faith, and work hand in hand with partners and customers to help the industry flourish globally.

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