Repair Guide

1.After-sales process
1.1 Send Out Fault Machine

If it is not possible to determine the specific fault, please contact customer service to confirm.

After-sales business cards:

WhatsMIner Wechat Public Number: whatsminer
Telegram: Whatsminer_Aftersales, whatsminercici

Customer Service Wechat: microbt_service \ whatsminer_service

When WhatsMiner breaks down, please contact the after-sales personnel to check the situation in time. It is recommended that the customer return the faulty miner parts; if the number of damages to the hash board is large, please return it to the repair or authorization of the after-sales personnel;
After the user creates the work order, the default after-sale express package is the failure or damage of the machine, the normal package will be signed; after-sale unpacking will check the machine failure and damage, due to logistics reasons and user reasons caused damage, after-sale will not bear. In order to avoid the damage caused by the machine in the course of transportation, the user should pay attention to the protection measures when sending out the machine.
After the sale does not support the logistics package from the mention, please door-to-door; In the machine repair warranty period, the return shipping cost is AA institution, the user sends after-sales maintenance, please be sure to choose shipping cash.
1.2 Create a Repair Ticket
Enter the official website "Support", click "Create a Repair Ticket", enter the page to add maintenance parts, fill in repair information.

When users need maintenance, they need to create repair ticket in the system, fill in and improve maintenance parts information, customer information and logistics number.

Parcels will be rejected after sale under the following circumstances:

No Create a Repair Ticket
There are differences between logistics packages and repair ticket(Wrong and incomplete information on repairs to express orders )Therefore, all losses (including maintenance costs, loss of income, etc.) will be borne by the user.
After-sales repair ticket status query method:After-sales repair ticket status description: To be confirmed (after-sales technical personnel remarks failure information) --> pending receipt (before logistics receipt) --> to be repaired (received) --> to be shipped (has been repaired) --> Completed (machine returned)
When filling out the after-sales repair ticket, the user must fill in the clear address information and cannot modify it when the work order is submitted.
1.3.Receiving at Maintenance Point
1.4.Quotation Maintenance
1.4.1.after-sale free maintenance time ;The difference between the date when the machine leaves the factory and the date when the repairing parts are received at the maintenance point is within the warranty period, and if it exceeds the warranty period, it will be considered as an exception.
The warranty period of WhatsMiner is indicated in the product > commodity > after-sale policy, you can also click supprot to check.
1.4.2.Once the non-warranty machine returns to the after-sales service, the after-sales service will be priced and repaired according to the actual situation of the machine. If the machine cannot be repaired or has no maintenance value, it will be returned. Please pay attention to the Shenma public number or contact Shenma customer service for maintenance quotes.
The following conditions will void the warranty and will not be repaired or repaired free of charge.
(1) Products that have been damaged due to failure to install the product in accordance with the specifications, arbitrarily loading and unloading, pulling, picking, lifting, or smashing the product, resulting in parts detachment, unstable link, circuit board open circuit, etc.;
(2) Products that are not normally put on the shelves due to improper operation, including but not limited to products that are damaged due to reverse plugging, less plugging, or no plugging;
(3) Unauthorized disassembly, modification, or repair of damaged products without the written, or re-assembly with mixing or electronic authorization of Party A;
(4) Products that use unofficially designated accessories that cause insufficient computing power or are damaged due to mismatching, including but not limited to power supplies, control boards, fans, cables, etc.;
(5) Products that use unofficial supporting software, which leads to poor computing power, abnormal computing power, jams, and burn-in;
(6) Products whose operating parameters (such as overclocking) are modified by oneself, resulting in shortened product life or direct damage;
(7) Failure to follow the specification to describe the damage caused by the regular use of electricity, network, and environment, including but not limited to a humid environment, corrosive environment, ultra-high temperature environment, dust particles, abnormal voltage and current (surge, shock, instability), etc.;
(8) Products whose serial numbers have been maliciously modified, defaced, or deliberately removed;
(9) Damage caused by natural disasters, including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, rainstorms, and sandstorms.;
Natural factors:

(1)Natural disasters, including damage caused by lightning, floods, storms, fires and earthquakes, such as water inflow, dampness and corrosion of circuit boards and components, etc.
(2)Natural wear
Other factors:
(1)Counterfeit products, etc.
1.5.The following damages caused by the use or transportation of the machine cannot be repaired after -sale, and all losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the user;

1.5.1.Scrap, including Burnt hash boards 、corrosion/oxidation, chip pad pin out, PCB breakage, hole hole, etc.

1.5.2.After the scrap and mixed machine quotation, the customer does not accept it, and the operation can be returned;Normal machines quoted are not allowed to be not repaired and returned ;

1.5.3.For those who have not created a work order for more than 90 days and have not contacted customer service, or have not paid maintenance fees, or refuse to return the package due to user reasons, they will not return to the machine after sale.
1.6.Completion of payment
1.6.1.After-sales Maintenance Payment Account ,Personal Center 》My repair ticket,view the details in the corresponding work order.
1.6.2.After the repair cost (RMB payment) is paid, please be sure to send the payment information or payment voucher to the after-sales customer service. Otherwise, the payment information cannot be confirmed and the machine cannot return.
1.7.Machine return
1.7.1.On the premise of correctly creating repair ticket, return time
1.7.2. Maintenance Machine: The after-sales delivery time is generally 7 working days from the date of receipt of the system confirmation, specifically for actual maintenance.
1.7.3.Schedule is the criterion, if the maintenance time of large quantities or the whole machine is prolonged according to the actual situation.
1.7.4.Parole Machine: After-sale delivery time is usually within 7 working days after payment vouchers are sent to customer service.
1.7.5.A machine under repair ticket will be returned uniformly after sale; if the number of repairs is large, it can be divided into several returns. If you need to pay for the machine, please pay the maintenance fee as soon as possible, so as not to delay the return time of the whole machine.
1.8.After-sales return logistics selection principle:
After-sales return now supports the following logistics methods: SF, Debon
If the user has a problem, please contact customer service to confirm in advance.
1.9.Due to the long maintenance time of the product, in order to avoid the loss of mining revenue caused by long-term maintenance,we can randomly distribute the instead of products to the customers on the premise of guaranteeing the same type of products. If you need to return to the original products, If you need to return to the original products, Please add notes when creating the repair ticket and contact customer service to explain the situation.
Note: Due to random delivery, it is impossible to guarantee the return of the original product The old and new products may be different, but the production date of the product is similar and the work efficiency is not affected ,The warranty period of the product is based on the delivery time of the user's order.

2.Other process descriptions

2.1.DOA process in China
DOA time in China: 15 days from the date of the machine leaving the factory to the date of the creation of the maintenance order; after the remote inspection of the after-sales personnel confirms that there is no error, the freight can be paid.
Customers can confirm the date of the new machine and inquire the date of the machine in the system.
2.2.Second Repair Process in China

Second repair time: From the date of customer receiving repair parts to the date of user creating repair work order, within 7 days, after the remote inspection by the after-sales personnel confirms that there is no error, the freight can be paid.


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