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Please be Careful of these Scam Websites

Recently, some anonymous parties plagiarized our information to list on the following pirated websites,,,, and and claimed themselves as the legal owner of relevant information and products.

In this regard, we MicroBT (Shenzhen MicroBT Electronics Technology Co., Ltd) hereby reiterated that
Firstly, there are only two official websites MicroBT
website and WhatsMiner
website being operated by MicroBT. Up to now, no subsection has been set up, no technology has been exported, nor has any enterprise, unit, group or individual been authorized to carry out any form of website operation. All intellectual property information such as frames, pictures, and texts on the website are owned by MicroBT. Without authorization, no subject may plagiarize or embezzle. For unauthorized plagiarism, misappropriation of our website information and any other form of infringement of our rights and interests, our company will reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
Secondly, MicroBT has never established any cooperative relationship with the aforementioned pirated websites, nor has it authorized or entrusted such pirated websites and their anonymous operators to represent or engage in any economic activities. MicroBT shall not be responsible for any personal or property losses caused by anyone who believes in the information or statements published on these pirated websites, or because of the purchase or use of any products published or sold on any such pirated websites.
MicroBT team
May 30, 2019


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