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Notice for placing an order - WhatsMiner

Dear WhatsMiner user:
Since the WhatsMiner website mall was launched, more and more problems have come to the fore. We have refined the key issues so that everyone can place orders quickly.
1. Please look for our official website | and beware of fake website.
2.The current transportation methods supported by the mall are: self-pickup in Hong Kong, UPS.

3. Currently the mall only supports payment in US dollars, and will support payment in Euros, Hong Kong dollars, and RMB in the future. Please stay tuned.

4. For some countries, due to policy reasons, orders cannot be placed in the mall, please understand.

5. If you encounter any problems during the order process, please contact

6. If you have large order requirements, please contact

7. If you have any suggestions or needs for our website, please submit your suggestions here. WhatsMiner will always pay attention to user needs online.

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