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Maintenance training


Repair training service
1. Require customers to purchase more than 200 miners;
2. Arrange repair training in batches, only one person only;
3. Require participants to have the experience of repairing electronic products and have a basic understanding of electronic components;
4. Training content: ore machine working principle, ore machine installation, failure analysis, ore machine maintenance, etc.;
5. Training time: usually 2 weeks;
6. Training assessment: written test +repair of more than 2 units on the same day;
7. Training Location;Room 801, HSAE Technology Building, Gaoxin South 6th Road, Nanshan,Shenzhen City;
8. Free training after sale;
9. Free training after sale, customers take care of themselves;
10. After the training and assessment is passed, the Miner Maintenance Certificate will be issued;
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