After-sale Service Application

Application Contents

Batch deployment of new machines is supported


Customer Requirements
1.Require customers to have more than 2000 new miner;
2.Machine placement requirements: Each machine is separated by a certain distance, giving the machine sufficient cooling space;
3.miner network recommendation: uploading download speed of at least 10kb per machine; setting 240 ips for one network segment;
4.Mine electrical requirements;Three-phase balance;Wire must have a safety margin, fully ground the ground;
5.In order to guarantee the timeliness, you need to apply at least 2 weeks in advance;
6.Customers need to provide free accommodation and round-trip transportation for after-sales personnel;

Support content
1.Assist customers in machine racking;
2.Assist customers in setting up machine ip, mining pool and miners in batches;
3.Help solve the problem of new machine abnormalities on site;
4.Mine daily maintenance training, common fault diagnosis and treatment training;
5.After-sales policy and after-sales service introduction;
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