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MicroBT-WhatsMiner D1 for Blake256 Server

Recently WhatsMiner D1 was published which was the first Blake256 server of MicroBT. All models of WhatsMiner have always been known for its stable operation and low power consumption. D1 is is also full of expectations.

Name: Decred
Total amount of coin:21 million
Block Generation Time:5 minutes,reduce production by 100/101 factor per 6144 blocks(about 21.33 days)
Published time: February 2016
Mining type:POW+POS
Core Algorithm: Blake256 r14
Difficulty re-targeting: 144 blocks (about 12 hours)
Number of circulation:about 7.9 million
Last block end time:2120

Exchange :Binance、Huobi、Okex、Gate、ShapeShift etc.
Now is the evaluation of Whatsminer D1
❈ Official parameter ❈

Hash rate: 48TH/s±5% @ Blake-256 r14
Chip Process: 16nm FinFET Compact
Chip amount: 3 hash boards
Power: 2200W
Power Efficiency:46W/TH±10%
Size:385mm(L): 155mm(W):239mm(H)
Net weight:8.55 kg

❈ WhatsMiner D1 Appearance ❈

The same with M10 which used industrial carton package.▼

The machine is packaged with pearl foam and dust-proof and waterproof bag. The pearl foam is fit for the machine also comes with one power supply cable in the box. There is one label on the outer box indicates ‘D1-48T’,so it can be distinguished from the M10.▼

The power supply cable is 3*1.5mm,10A. It seems that the cable is not enough for 2200W power from the official parameter,but after the test it showed that this cable is enough.▼

Open the outer box,we can see the appearance,size and weight are the same with M10 expect the word on logo.▼

WhatsMiner D1 is integrated machine,power supply and mining machine body are integrated. Only the power supply cables for fan and control panel are exposed.▼

The power supply P10 is 2250W,12.5V*180A+12V*10A DC output,with two 6.4A fans dissipate heat for machine. D1-48T is marked on the machine.▼

There are ether-net interface, running status indicator, system reset button, IP address reporting button, TF card slot, air inlet fan interface, and network card MAC address on the control panel.▼

After disassemble the machine,we can see three hash boards.On both two sides,there are heat sink distributed.Each hash board has 70 pieces QA5100 clips,constitute 210 pieces Blake-256 r14 and hash rate is 48T for Blake256 server.▼

WhatsMiner D1 disassembly picture (users should not disassemble the machine by themselves, and disassembly will cause the warranty to fail.)▼

WhatsMiner D1 control panel▼

❈ Installation and commissioning ❈

How to find the IP address:

The machine defaults DHCP automatically assigns IP address. After connecting the power supply cable and internet cable, you can find the IP address currently assigned through the MAC address in the router or IP network segment scanner, also you can refer to this post "Mineral IP related information" to find the machine IP address.▼

Get into the control page: open the browser,input the IP address,access the login in page,default user name is admin and default password is admin.▼

This home page displays the running status information of the current mining machine under CGMiner▼

1."Address of the pool and machine name’name should be changed for new machine. Click menu bar "Configuration\CGMiner Configuration Logout" in the top of first page. Turn into the page to modify”pool 1”(main pool address):we used F2Pool as the main pool during the test:stratum+tcp://


2.Modify "pool 1 worker"(name): Using the wallet as miners’ name,you do not need to register. If there are more than one machine, you will only add 1,2,3…… after the wallet address to distinguish them. The profit will be sent to wallet the next morning. You can download wallet or go to exchange to get digital wallet address.

3."Pool 1 password" machine password (any letter and digit) do not need to be modified


4.Spare pool “Pool 2 “ and “Pool 3” can be modified as needed.▼

Modify IP address(suitable for large amount of machines management):click the top menu bar “Configuration/Interfaces”turn into the page which the software IP address can be set up. Click “Edit ” to set up the IP address to a fixed IP address.▼

❈ Test data❈

After the machine is turned on, the fan will run at full speed. After a moment of normal operation, the standby power consumption will show about 28W. Room temperature is about 20 degrees usually, and the noise level is about 77 decibels. When the machine is not running, the noise is mainly from the power supply. The noise will be more obvious after it started.▼


Plug in the wire, modify the miner pool and number, the miner chip works normally. After about ten minutes of operation, the noise level is 79-80 decibels, and the power consumption of the whole machine is about 2200 W.▼

About the power supply:the temperature of the air inlet is about 20℃, and the temperature of the air outlet is about 35℃.▼

About the machine:the temperature of the air inlet is about 21.4℃,the temperature of middle of the machine is 40 ℃ and tail part is 33℃;the temperature of the air outlet is about 60℃.▼

The speed of the machine air outlet is 7.4meters/second.▼

Hash rate is stabilized at 48T in 24 hours according to the test from F2Pool.▼

24hours profit of WhatsMiner D1 is 1.135 DCR(Collection on Nov. 30, 2018, profit will changed with the whole hash rate, profit data for reference only)▼

❈ Summary❈

1.Integrative design makes the rate of on board increased,the power ratio 45W/T is improved compared with the official parameters released earlier .

2.The performance is strong, the average hash rate is 48T, the power is less than 2200W, and the comprehensive unit hash rate is 45W/T. It is the Blake25 server with the largest single hash rate and the best power ratio in the market at present.


3.WhatsMiner D1 is the same stable as M10. During the test,the machine didn’t appear any problems but has been running stably for a long time. The hash rate,power and temperature is constant.

MicroBT belief has been adhering to the belief Beyond the Dream Success is visible to research and development machine. D1 will be limited release avoid hash rate increasing too fast to protect peaceful development of the ecology according to official published.

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