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MicroBT Partners with Energix to Strengthen Global Customer Support

SHENZHEN, China, December 29th, 2020 -MicroBT, in partnership with Enegix LLC, has set up an authorized after-sales service center at the Enegix facility in central Kazakhstan. With this step, MicroBT offers its customers a more accessible warranty service center within the Eurasian Customs Union, minimizing logistics and customs fees. The service center’s location (Ekibastuz city) is ideal for the delivery of equipment from Russia and Kazakhstan.
“Enegix team’s thoroughness in design and execution, combined with their existing material base, made them a clear candidate for partnership. During the course of our preparatory collaboration, the Enegix team has demonstrated diligent adherence to MicroBT’s quality standards. We look forward to productive and long-term cooperation with Enegix!” – said Kevin Header of Post-support of Microbt.
Backed by state-of-the-art R&D, MicroBT’s mining machines have become well known in the industry for their high performance and stability. Every generation of the WhatsMiner brand of bitcoin mining machines has proven to be one of the most competitive among all other brands. The WhatsMiner M20 accounted for over 35% of the global market share by the end of 2019. Its succeeding series, the M30, redefined industry standards with high power-efficiency, stability, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as a part of “3X standard” prompted by MicroBT. More and More adoption appears in Northern American, CIS, and all other places. MicroBT Partners With Energix, Strengthens Customer Support gradually and provide high-quality support further.
“MicroBT has quickly established itself as a global leader in ASIC manufacturing, expanding its quality offerings and operations to major mining hubs around the world. As such, we consider collaboration with MicroBT as an important and natural strategic step towards providing customers with integrated hardware solutions” - said Enegix Co-founder and CEO Yerbolsyn Sarsenov.
About Enegix: Enegix LLC is the operator of one of the largest purpose-built bitcoin mining data-centers in the world. The team has 4 years of experience in designing, building, and operating bitcoin mining facilities. Their 180 MW facility, consisting of 8 hangars, can host approximately 50,000 current-generation mining rigs.

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