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MicroBT Adds One More Authorized WhatsMiner Repair Center in Canada

To offer comprehensive after-sales service, MicroBT partners with BITHOUSE (BITHOUSE TECHNICAL INC.) to set up one more Authorized WhatsMiner Repair Center in Canada. Here are the details.
Canada - Prairie Provinces Official Authorized Repair Center

Maintenance point address: Bithouse Technicial Services Inc. Repair DEPT 12100 EWING AVE UNIT B10, Regina, SK, S4M0A1, Canada

Recipient: Alfred / Bin Lou

Contact information:+1 236 990 1886 / +1 306 580 5991


BITHOUSE TECHNICAL INC. is a company headquartered in Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, with branches in Manitoba and Alberta. BITHOUSE provides WhatsMiner repair service, mining farm development, and construction consulting, and Mining farm O&M. As the official authorized repair center, BITHOUSE has three certified specialists to serve customers in North America and will complete the repair and the return within 7 days after receiving the broken miner under warranty to minimize customer losses.


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