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Blockstream Stepped into 3X Era Together with WhatsMiner

MicroBT launched WhatsMiner M30S++ with hashrate 112T, power ratio 31J/T and WhatsMiner M30S+ with hashrate 100T, power ratio 34J/T on April 2020 which symbolizes MicroBT is leading the industry into the 3X era with three 3X WhatsMiner products. When it comes to the new standard “low power ratio, high stability, and one-year warranty service” in the 3X era, it shows the determination of MicroBT to focus on the perfection research and development and the customer centric strategy, which is also the manifestation of adapting to market demand since the halving happened.
After halving in 2020, refined operations have become a consensus in the mining industry. Adam Back, CEO of the world-renowned blockchain technology service company Blockstream, also pointed out at the recent “Blockchain International Week” in Hangzhou, China that the expansion of the mining industry will accelerate the globalization and attract more institutions to join. The hashrate is growing at an amazing rate of 260% every year and more and more funds are entering this market. Investors are constantly replacing old machines with new ones to improve efficiency.

When it comes to efficiency, Adam believes that the performance of machines is constantly getting better over time in terms of manufacturing, and MicroBT can produce more efficient machines on the market. WhatsMiner machines purchased by Blockstream are running stably. Blockstream deployed mining machines from other manufacturers before, including BitFury and Ebang, etc., but run WhatsMiner now and will continue to upgrade.

As the world’s most influential blockchain company, Blockstream launched mining services in August 2019, and built the data center to provide mining hosting services to meet the needs of institutional and corporate customers like Fidelity and ReidHoffman and so on.

Blockstream’s purchase of WhatsMiner M30 series better illustrates that WhatsMiner is the better choice for investors in the mining industry. MicroBT will also continue to maintain close cooperation with Blockstream, and fulfill the promise of win-win in the 3X area with with the advanced product, and the concept of professional management.

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