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A Batch of WhatsMiner M30 Series in Stock Will Go on Sale on March 30

WhatsMiner M30 Series has been being well received by global customers since it was first released. Thank you very much for all of your support! MicroBT will release a batch of WhatsMiner M30 series in stock on March 30, at 7 pm (PST) on its only product website to give back to all customers.
This batch includes WhatsMiner M30S+ with hash rate 100T and power ratio 34J/T, WhatsMiner M30S with hash rate 88T and power ratio 38J/T, WhatsMiner M31S+ with hash rate 80T and power ratio 42J/T, and WhatsMiner M31S with hash rate 74T and power ratio 46J/T will be shipped from Hong Kong (EXW Hong Kong) within one week after receiving the full payment.

1.Please sign up for an account on and keep signing in before purchasing.
2.Due to the limited amount of stocks, the maximum purchase amount for each account is 5 units in total.
3.For more questions, please reach us through the WhatsMiner official telegram group.
MicroBT will periodically release a small batch of WhatsMiner mining rigs in stock on based on the market feedback and demand, please stay tuned to the official Twitter for updates.

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